Angel Falls
The Highest Waterfall In The World

Angel Falls


Visit Angel Falls

To see this giant stream of water falling is an emotional experience that can't be equaled. Angel falls, tumbles freely for some 807 meters. The cataract continues through almost another 172 meters of less rugged fall until it meets the jungle floor of a valley. The river then flows on and eventually joins with other streams to meet the Orinoco.

Angel Falls the highest waterfall in the world is also the most isolated one, the nearest road ends110 miles to the north.

The jungle and mountain region is practically uninhabited. Indians shun the area of the falls, believing it to be a mystic land of the thereafter. Surely, it isn't difficult to imagine the awe of the Indians. Frequently Auyantepui remains shrouded in clouds, and the falls seem to valley viewers to be tumbling from an obscure heaven.

Angel Falls is a unique and breathtaking natural wonder consider by many people as the eighth natural wonder of the world. From 1940 Angel falls is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Angel Falls - Getting there

The best way to get to the Angel Falls is to rent a plane to the village of Canaima from Caracas (the capital of Venezuela), Puerto Ordaz or Ciudat Bolivar. After you get to Canaima you will take a river trip to the Angel Falls trail.

When To Visit Angel Falls

It is best advised to visit the Angel Falls during the rainy between May and November, as the falls will have a more spectacular view. But if you can’t arrange a trip during this period the Angel Falls will still be worth to see.

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